Our Services

Group health and welfare plans group retirement plans , and individual insurance and investment plans*. By focusing our efforts and cross selling among many insurance policies, we are able to be experienced professionals in the employee benefit market.

In acting as an extension of your benefits staff, we assist you in selecting the benefit plan that best meets your needs and requirements. We help you in determining the best plan to offer to your employees, both on an employer paid and on a voluntary (employee paid) basis. We also assist you in determining if your plans should be fully insured or self-insured.

We work with you to obtain renewal rates and alternate plans several months prior to the actual renewal dates. This allows our firm time to search the market for the most affordable and beneficial plan to have in place on the anniversary date.

While we strive to keep the cost affordable for our clients, quality of care is our main focus when looking for the best plan. We also work to keep our clients and prospective clients informed of changes and enhancements to existing insurance programs.